Kia Carnival Owners Manual

Limitations of the System
Driving your vehicle / Foward collision warning system (FCWS) / Limitations of the System

The Forward Collision Warning System may have limits to its ability to detect distance to the vehicle ahead due to road and traffic conditions.

The FCW could not detect vehicle or could detect objects as vehicles when :

- The camera lens is covered with dirt.
- There is heavy rain or heavy snow.
- Driving on a curve.
- Driving uphill or downhill.
- An object ahead is very narrow such as motorcycles or bicycles.
- A vehicle suddenly cut in on your lane.
- The front vehicle suddenly departs from the lane or it is hidden by other objects.
- A vehicle passes by at a higher rate of speed.
- An unusual shape vehicle is ahead such as a trailer, special access vehicles or a truck with unique shaped cargo.
- The rear lamps of the vehicle ahead is missing, installed on an unusual place or installed unevenly.
- The front vehicle has a separate lamp or LED lamp at the rear of the vehicle.
- Pass through a tunnel where the difference of intensity of illumination is high.
- Driving with the sun in front of you.
- The approaching vehicle turns high beam on.
- The vehicle violently vibrates due to road conditions.
- The vehicle is tilted from a flat tire or being towed.
- The vehicle ahead is not distinguishable due to multiple or repeated shape lamps.
- The vehicle ahead is not distinguishable due to objects that can be mistaken for a vehicle.
- The surrounding environments such as shadow or markers on a road, etc. could be mistaken as a vehicle.

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