Kia Carnival Owners Manual

Trailer brakes
Driving your vehicle / Trailer towing / Trailer brakes

If your trailer is equipped with a braking system, make sure it conforms to your stateТs regulations and that it is properly installed and operating correctly.

If your trailer weight exceeds the maximum allowed weight without trailer brakes, then the trailer will also require its own brakes as well. Be sure to read and follow the instructions for the trailer brakes so youТll be able to install, adjust and maintain them properly.

Х DonТt tap into or modify your vehicle's brake system.

Kia Carnival: Trailer brakes. WARNING - Trailer brakes WARNING - Trailer brakes

Do not use a trailer with its own brakes unless you are absolutely certain that you have properly set up the brake system. This is not a task for amateurs. Use an experienced, competent trailer shop for this work.

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