Kia Carnival Owners Manual

Transmitter precautions
Features of your vehicle / Folding key / Transmitter precautions

  • The transmitter will not work if any of following occur :

- The ignition key is in the ignition switch.
- You exceed the operating distance limit (about 10 m [30 feet]).
- The battery in the transmitter is weak.
- Other vehicles or objects may be blocking the signal.
- The weather is extremely cold.
- The transmitter is close to a radio transmitter such as a radio substation or an airport which can interfere with normal operation of the transmitter.

  • When the transmitter does not work correctly, open and close the door with the ignition key. If you have a problem with the transmitter, contact an authorized Kia dealer.
  • If the transmitter is in close proximity to your mobile phone, the signal could be blocked by your mobile phones normal operational signals. This is especially important when the phone is active such as making and receiving calls, text messaging, and/or sending/receiving emails. Avoid placing the transmitter and your mobile phone in the same pants or jacket pocket and always try to maintain an adequate distance between the two devices.

Kia Carnival: Transmitter precautions. CAUTION CAUTION

Keep the transmitter away from water or any liquid as it can become damaged and not function properly.


If the keyless entry system is inoperative due to exposure to water or liquids, it will not be covered by your manufacturer’s vehicle warranty.

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