Kia Carnival Owners Manual

The LDWS does not operate when
Driving your vehicle / Lane departure warning system (LDWS) / The LDWS does not operate when

  • The driver turns on the turn signal or the hazard warning flasher to change lane.
  • Driving on the lane line.


To change lanes, operate the turn signal switch then change the lane.

Kia Carnival: The LDWS does not operate when. WARNING - LDWS Limitations WARNING - LDWS Limitations

The Lane Departure Warning System is a supplemental system. Do not solely rely on the system but always pay attention and drive safely.

The LDWS may not warn you even if the vehicle leaves the lane, or may warn you even if the vehicle does not leave the lane when;

  • The lane can't be visible due to snow, rain, stain, a puddle or other environmental conditions.
  • The brightness of the outside changes suddenly such as tunnel enter/exit.
  • The headlights are off at night or in a tunnel.
  • The color of the lane marking from the road is difficult to distinguish.
  • Driving on a steep grade or a curve.
  • Light such as street light, sunlight or oncoming vehicle light reflects from water on the road.
  • The lens or windshield is stained with foreign matter.
  • The sensor cannot detect the lane because of fog, heavy rain or heavy snow.
  • The surrounding of the inside rear view mirror temperature is high due to a direct ray of light.
  • The lane is very wide or narrow.
  • The lane line is damaged or indistinct.
  • The windshield is fogged by humid air in the vehicle.
  • The shadow is on the lane line by a median strip.
  • The sensor cannot distinguish the lane from the road due to the dust.
  • There is a mark similar to a lane line.
  • There is a boundary structure.
  • The distance from vehicle ahead is very short or the vehicle ahead drives hiding the lane line.
  • The vehicle vibrates heavily due to road conditions.
  • The lane number increases or decreases or the lane lines are crossing.
  • Putting something on the dashboard.
  • Driving with the sun in front of you.
  • Driving in areas under construction.
  • The lane line is more than two in either side (Left/Right)

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